Audio Design Studio

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Taffy Labís founder David Stone has experience writing commercial tracks and collaborating on spots and remixes for the likes of MTV, VH-1, Tommy Hilfiger, Jennifer Lopez, Donna Summer, Etta James, In Demand, Reebok, Columbia University, and the Magnolia Pictures award-winning film ěControl Roomî.

His experience as a pianist, drummer, clarinetist and alto and tenor saxophone player bring an unmistakable musicality to the commercial world. David also has live performance, composition and recording experience with former Profile/Another Planet artists, The Insteps.

His first work composing was scoring the feature-length independent film ě3rd On A Matchî. From sound design to full scoring projects and everything in between, his philosophy of ěthere is validity in all forms of musicî and his love of music in all its permutations is clearly audible in every track he writes.

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